My Perspective

It’s not about production!  It’s not about awards and recognition!  It’s not about the sale and/or commission or “killing it” in Real Estate!  It’s simply about you!  It’s about providing YOU with professional service and personal attention while finding YOU the right home in the right location for the right price.  And that’s what many real estate companies and agents have lost sight of.

It really is about YOU!

Why the name “Boomers Real Estate”??  Simply, the Baby Boomer generation is the greatest generation in America and Boomers deserve a great real estate (R.E.) agent.  There is, however, a disconnect between today’s tech savvy, “Rockstar” real estate agents and YOU, the customer.  Those same “Sales Ninja’s” are more interested in their phone, Facebook and Instagram than they are YOU.  By Boomers For Boomers is a targeted market real estate company that combines experience and personal service with the latest technology to provide a “best in class” experience for YOU our Boomer customer.  Boomers is NOT an exclusionary company and will work with any/all customers, however, Boomers are our primary focus.  We are Boomers and we want to serve YOU!

Bear with me for a few more paragraphs to expand my thoughts………

Here are several job posting from established, well known real estate company looking for agents,


We’re looking for people with die-hard enthusiasm, a flair for achievement, an abundance mindset, and a willingness to do what it takes to succeed.”

And another,

“Your success is first determined by your positive and growth mindset. The perfect sales team member enjoys hard work and following a schedule to meet the goals and standards of the team. Consistency in following expectations and enjoying working with the team is also a must. You enjoy high standards and high accountability to the systems and models provided. You have an internal drive to do what’s necessary to achieve your goals. The reward for all of this is being a part of one of the top __city name__ real estate teams, growing each year, and creating the life you’ve always wanted.”

And another,

“Our team members EARN more!   Agency name  , voted best realtor in   city__, has an unmatched opportunity for Buyer Specialists to elevate their potential income substantially. How? Our proven, differentiated marketing system (that cannot be copied) provides unlimited, qualified leads.

Our team members spend the most time doing more of what they love (converting leads, selling and making money) and less of what they don’t like (handling time-consuming paperwork).

We are so sure that our system will work for a candidate that meets our requirements, that we guarantee a first year earnings of $100,000 or more… or we will pay you the difference!

Experience is not required… we will train you to be successful using our proven systems.”

And another,


We are a fast growing company in   City  , and Pay Well for Great Sales Talent!

Important – Sales Superstars Only. Sales Superstars earn over $100k/year.

This is just the beginning, because we are willing to pay well and you’ll see why true top producers can double that. Don’t even respond unless you really have the stuff of greatness.”

Last one, but believe me, there were plenty more to choose from,

“We’re looking for someone with die-hard enthusiasm, a passion for achievement and a willingness to do what it takes to succeed. If the idea of making 150+ calls per day to generate business, holding 2+ open houses per week to get in relationships with buyers and sellers, connecting with your sphere to stay top of mind, and a commission structure with no limits on what you can earn gets your adrenaline going, you may be the right candidate! “

Ok, I think you get the picture……………………………

When did production (agent making $100,000+ a year, aka Rockstars/Sales Ninjas), doing “whatever it takes to succeed” become more important than  finding YOU the right home in the right location for the right price??

Why Boomers??

The past several years, with developing technology, I’ve discovered a major disconnect with R.E. agents and their clients.  As I have witnessed MANY, MANY times with Buyers and their agents during their visit to my model homes, most agents are more interested in check and sending emails, texting and/or retuning phone calls rather than being engaged when their customers need them most.  Buying a home is a major investment, is staying engaged to much to expect from a R.E. agent?

Really, it’s quite simple, I don’t want to build a better mouse trap, my goal is to provide you with the professional service you deserve.  Choose me as your professional Realtor and you will receive a “Raving Fan” experience.